How Noisy Are Machines?

All extractor machines make noise. Small machines make a high pitch 'whine' and larger machine can make more of a "rumbling" noise.

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NOISE (decibels dB):

  • A breath = 10 decibels
  • A whisper = 20 decibels
  • Background noise = 40 decibels
  • Nail Extractor Machines = 30-60 decibels (approx)
  • Food blender = 88 decibels
  • Chain saw = 120 decibels (32 times as loud as 70 decibels)
  • Ear drum rupture = 150 decibels (jet take off at 25 meters)

All nail dust extractors have a "fan" which create air turbulence and noise. There will always be a level of noise (probably slightly louder than you would want) unless you can build a sound proof container around the equipment. Some cheaper machines you may hear the noise of the motor particularly small low voltage motors. If you have a desk top extractor (eg a lamp type extractor or desk box) the noise will be close to where you work and seem louder.

If noise is an issue consider investing in the WHISPER NAIL DESK (see 'equipment' menu link above). This is probably the quiestest extractor system you can buy which has a good extraction for dust and fumes and the machinery is built into the cupboard. Alternatively a joiner/carpenter may be able to build a sound proof container around a unit such as the Typhoon Portable which will 'halve' the sound level. Seek advise first.

Using a nail dust extractor you must accept there will be a level of noise associated with it but on the PLUS side the air in the room will be safer to breathe.

If you are thinking of buying a new extractor system do some research first. Cheaper machines may not comply with health and safety particularly when it comes to reducing dangerous fumes (acetones). Contact the company and ask for an LEV report (Local Exhaust Ventilation). If you can't contact the company/manufacturer this suggests you may have problems in the future if you need advise.

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