Nail Filings On Desk

I have an extractor system and can still see nail filings on my desk?

"Distributor Enquiries or Spare Filters"

It's quite NORMAL to see larger nail filings and clippings on your desk even when using a nail dust extractor unit. These can be brushed away. It is important to remove airborne particles, the ones you can't see, which will be drawn into the machine through the desk trap or nozzle. The airborne particles are the fine dust which can cause health and respiratory problems.

  1. Dust test:
    Look at the filter inside the machine. If you see fine dust particles your machine is working.

  2. Suction test:
    Take a piece of paper and hold it over the dust trap or nozzle. If the paper is sucked onto it the system is working.

Always work as close as possible to the extractor nozzle or extractor hand plate to remove more dust particles. If you equipment does not perform as normal (less suction) check your filters are not blocked with dust, if so you will need to replace them.

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