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Frequently asked questions about general use and maintenance for the o2 nail dust and fume extractor.

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Watch the video (right) for a tutorial how to clean the carbon filter. Health & Safety guidelines please WEAR A MASK AND APPROPRIATE EYE WEAR to prevent inhaling nail dust or causing eye irritation. Do not open the dust trap if other people without protective masks are present.

It is recommended to clean the filter every 2-3 days or you will experience loss of performance and suction once the filter face becomes blocked with dust.

Instructions to clean o2 nail fan carbon filter:
  1. Switch off mains power and remove power lead.
  2. Remove hose (lift hose by metal cuff - do not pull the plastic tube).
  3. Loosen wingnuts and tilt front section forward.
  4. Take care when tilting front section - carbon filter can fall out!
  5. Remove carbon filter and place into a bin bag before brushing off nail dust. You may prefer to use a vacuum hose attachment to remove dust.
  6. Also clean any dust which has fallen into the main dust chamber.
  7. Reposition filter correctly into front section then place in front of fan section by tilting away and then reposition front section and tighten wingnuts.
  8. Dispose of nail dust and filings carefully.

Cleaning Filter | o2 Nail Fan

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