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Dust from Nail Filing, Grinding, Acrylic Nails and fumes from Solvents such as Acetone, EMA and other Ketone can cause damage to the lungs or can result in health conditions such as occupational asthma.

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Electric nail files create a volume of dust in the immediate vicinity of their use. The reduction of dust should be the primary aim, through air filtration or extraction at each nail desk. Protective equipment will be far more effective if the volume of dust is greatly reduced to begin with. If recommended by the manufacturer, apply an oil or solution to the artificial nail before filing, which will make the dust heavier, improving the atmosphere and aiding salon cleanliness.

Dust from nail enhancements can cause eye, nose and throat irritation. Natural nail dust can also potentially spread infection. The following precautions will help to reduce the control of dust inhalation:
  • Minimise dust through appropriate actions during working practices
  • Wipe work surfaces with a damp cloth between clients to remove dust.
  • Change paper towels regularly during the service and place in a lined metal, lidded bin.
  • A ventilation system is recommended for dust extraction. The ventilation required for nail services causes dust to travel, so control should be at its source i.e. the nail desk.
  • Technicians who work long hours daily may choose to use a dust mask in order to minimise the amount of dust trapped in the nasal passages.
  • Disposable masks should be available for clients who request them.
Dust extractors should be used whenever the technician is filing during the nail service. Dust extraction units should be cleaned and maintained.

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