O2 Multi Purpose Fan

The o2 portable extractor fan is a unique multi-purpose unit for nail salons, spray tanning, builders, carpenters, hobbyists ... and much more!

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UNIQUE MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: The o2 portable fan quickly converts to a powerful multi-purpose extractor - simply loosen the top wingnuts and swap the front section. Using specially designed filters (polywadding, hepa or carbon) the extractor will reduce overspray, dust or fumes in any indoor area.

The o2 multi purpose extractor is portable and designed for many different professions including nail beauticians, spray tanning, science labs, builders, joiners, carpenters and any other indoor space which have hazardous airborne particles for example animal stables (when cleaning out hay bedding).

"If you're a mobile therapist for nails and spray tanning the o2 portable extractor unit means you can work in any indoor area (at your clients home) and you will comply with UK Health & Safety Guidelines (SR13) for both nail and spray tan treatments. Click here to see HEALTH & SAFETY information."

Note: Interchangeable front sections are sold separately. Please ask for details.

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