Negligence Claims

Negligence claims and fines against nail salons are increasing.

"Distributor Enquiries or Spare Filters"

Recently there has been a rise in negligence claims against nail salons by staff and clients. This includes health related claims associated to inadequate equipment and over-exposure to chemical and hazardous airborne particles. In addition to claiming compensation for injury, pain and suffering, negligence claims can also include:

  • Time off work for recovery and/or treatment
  • All and any other financial losses resulting from the incident.

Risk Assessment: You must prove a nail treatment room complies with UK Health & Safety guidelines (SR13 - COSHH). This includes Local Exhaust Ventilation and air quality monitors. Having a dust lamp or small extractor fan on a nail desk is no guarantee against negligence claims. If a manufacturer can't provide an LEV report you need to ask yourself why not.

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The TYPHOON FAN has been independently tested and is supplied with an LEV report proving it complies with UK Health & Safety regulations (COSHH -SR13).  This report can be used at any time to prove, when used and maintained correctly, the airflow and effectiveness of this equipment.

Negligence Claims | o2 Nail Fan

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