Replacing Filters

How often do I need to replace the filter(s)?

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On average you may only have to change your CARBON filter every year or 18 months. This depends how much acetone product has been filtered through the active carbon material. If you notice there is a stronger acetone smell in the room than normal this will be the time to change the filter. There are no monitor sensors to tell you when to replace the carbon filter but it is adviseable to replace them yearly.

To do a 'nose' test ... go out of the room into fresh air for 10 minutes and return back to the salon. If you sense a strong smell consider replacing the filter. If you have new filters and can smell acetone fumes you may be using acetone products incorrectly. You should only expose small amounts of acetone into the atmosphere at any time (ie. replace lids on bottles or tops on liquid pots when not in use). Also position acetone products close to the extraction nozzle or desk plate to draw the fumes into the extractor and carbon filters.


If your system has dual filter (dust and carbon filters) you will have to keep the dust filter clean regularly (daily or weekly). If this filter is not cleaned it will reduce the airflow performance considerably. You may have to replace the dust filter more often than the carbon filter.

Do I need CARBON or DUST filters?

If you use acetone products you need the carbon filter. For filings and nail dust you may only need a HEPA filter. Some extractor units offer carbon and/or HEPA filters. Generally carbon filters are much more expensive than HEPA filters.

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